About Janeen and Tia

Janeen and Tia are a mother/daughter power team with a passion

for helping others create a better life! They provide relationship,

divorce, and personal development coaching.

Janeen and Tia are a mother/daughter power team and realize the importance of increasing positivity and confidence in order to achieve success. They offer coaching in personal development, relationships, divorce, and a wide variety of topics to help you make a better life.

Janeen and Tia have experienced many difficult life events together and have come out laughing on the other side. Their close relationship is a product of weathering many storms: multiple divorces, step parents, failed business ventures, heartache, etc. These experiences have allowed them to know what is truly important and how to help others maintain their confidence, positivity, humor, and drive through difficult times and everyday life.

Our Mission

To help others maintain confidence, positivity, humor, and

drive through difficult times as well as everyday life.


Janeen left KUTV News in 2001 after the birth of her daughter, Gabby. Since that time, she has been actively producing commercials and special programming through her own company. She has hosted several television and internet productions, and has been a spokesperson for several products and companies. She published a book in 2011 entitled “Save Your Marriage in 30.” In her book she discusses trials from her three divorces, four marriages, and what she wishes she had known through them all. She lives in Utah with her husband, Scott, 11-year-old daugher, Gabby and three darling puppies, Gigi, Gracie, and Bella. She also has two grown children, Dirk who is married to Amber, Tia who is married to Jake, and a stepson, Casey.


Tia graduated in 2012 from Utah Valley University with a degree in Behavioral Science. She is a fitness coach and group fitness instructor and has a passion for helping others see and reach their full potential. In July 2009 she married her best friend, Jake, who is pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. She has worked to develop programs with her mother, Janeen, for those wanting to improve their lives. Tia desires to help other children of divorce develop loving, happy first marriages of their own. She also has a passion for motivating women to live strong, influential, positive lives.

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